stretch wrapping machine prevents needless costs associated with problems

The correct evaluate film used appropriately will ensure your merchandise are held securely about the pallet and therefore are not beneath or higher wrapped. This gives you the smallest price every place, effectively shipped.

Confirmed Supply

We assure continuity of source, and promise fast dispatch, so that you can have confidence which you won’t actually exhaust your carry.

Standard Equipment Routine maintenance

Normal products upkeep will keep your stretch wrapping devices operating in suggestion-good shape. Appointed checks by our skilled services agencies will reduce machinery down time.

Why Shrink Wrapping?

Keep in mind: “The problem in which your customers obtain your merchandise, demonstrates the image of your company…! So why not rely on a packaging method, which has been a part of our product range since our foundation back in 1969.

By keeping the items tightly protected and bound from the elements, Pallet shrink wrap provides important protection of goods and connects them to a pallet for safe transportation or storage. The shrink hood is blown up similar to a balloon and then used across the stress safely and without touching it. Soon after program, the film hood is shrunk by using temperature and pallet and load are kept snugly with each other thanks to our bottom shrink program.

Because of the film hood, as apposed to other market types, simply being used up and down from the top of the the machine, we conserve film, since it is possible to minimize the film circumference and still ensure a safe non-speak to hood program.

Shrink is specially appropriate for window products and products with unequal styles – shrink wrapping is designed for all shapes and sizes.

Check out our shrink stretch wrapping machine sort Combi Flex.

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