stretch wrapping machine Not Any Longer A Wonder spell

50. The wrapping machine of claim 49, in which: the segment additional makes up a trailing stop of your wrapping material.

51. The wrapping machine of assert 34, where: the segment makes up a trailing stop of the wrapping material.

52. A wrapping machine for wrapping something comprising: basics; a turntable on the basic for turning this product; a vertically variable supply of wrapping material attached to the base, the original source of wrapping material supplying wrapping material on the product or service; and a gripping set up gripping a area of the wrapping material while in initiation of wrapping in the merchandise, the gripping assembly becoming set up to move up and down with the up and down variable source of wrapping material.

53. The wrapping machine of assert 52, where: the basic includes a column increasing upwardly therefrom, the column assisting the cause of wrapping material.

54. The wrapping machine of state 53, whereby: the base includes a carriage attached to the column and set up to move up and down around the line, the carriage having the supply of wrapping material thereon.

55. The wrapping machine of declare 54, where: a electric motor movements the carriage vertically on the column.

56. The wrapping machine of state 54, where: The carriage includes a prestretcher for stretching the wrapping material., Before the wrapping material is supplied to the product

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