Stretch wrapping machine for pallet


Logistics Solutions specialise in the development, design, and manufacture, installation and servicing of a broad range of innovative, state of the art material handling systems. These systems are suitable for small manual sortation warehouses right through to large distribution hubs incorporating sophisticated sortation systems for a wide range of items.
2.1 Maximum Noise Level
Performance Measure
System Availability
During key operational times (which, as a minimum, will be 10hrs/day, 5days/wk)
Maximum Noise Level
Applicable to all equipment
Table 1 – KPI Measures
2.2 General Equipment Specifications
The general specification of the Stretch Wrapper:
1. Throughput 70 Pallets/hr
2. Maximum Pallet and load weight: 850 kg
3. Pallet size: Std Chep 1165mm X 1165mm X 150mmH
4. Maximum overall pallet height: 2100mm
5. Product: Mixed Cartons on Pallet
6. Top of conveyor height: 300mm
7. Infeed conveyor qty: 1 pallet position for accumulation prior to wrapper (minimum).
8. Outfeed conveyor qty: Sufficient to accumulate 2x wrapped pallets.
a. Price required per additional conveyor unit.
9. Pallet orientation: Bottom boards parallel with direction of conveyor travel.
a. Option to be provided for perpendicular travel.
10. Output conveyor direction: In-line with infeed conveyor.
a. Option to be provided for output line at 90deg to infeed.
11. Conveyor Speed: To be nominated to suit throughput requirement
12. Auto-labelling options to be provided for application of labels to front & rear of pallet load.
13. Guarding to meet Australian Standards for machinery guarding.
14. Stretch Equipment and materials shall be manufactured to comply with IEEE, ANSI, NEMA, OSHA and NFPA Codes.
15. Wiring to Australian Standards and wire colours.

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