Stretch wrapping machine for luggage

could you please provide us with your best price for 3 machins (Luggage protection in aeroport)
We also need the consumable price, we will need consumable during many years
please find below specifications of machins and plastic:
exw prices

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine

Machin specifications
plasticizing machines must include a weighing scale prior to plasticizing .
The number of plasticizing layers must be greater than 5.
Baggage plasticizing time should be less than 20 seconds per bag
The machin must be able to operate 30 000 plastification per month
Plastic film
The plastic should consist of simple polyethylene (cellophane)
Thickness of the plastic must be greater than 20 Microns (0.02 Millimeters)

Horizontal stretch wrapper for pallet wrapping which works with rotate arm wrapper for whole sealed packaging.


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