stretch wrapping machine adopts micro

This stretch wrapping machine adopts micro computer control. Stepper motor to pull material.
The arbitrary fixed length, photoelectric tracking, smooth, label lost three bags of automatic shutdown.
Automatic air pressure punching. Automatic constant temperature, automatic stop dragging material.
The automatic counting, and can set the counting alarm. .
The photoelectric discharge control, discharge of automatic error correction.
The bottom roll type by ultrasonic welding, particularly strong, stable.
The feeding and clamping device with flatulence axis,
It is equipped with automatic cylinder and unloading device
To this stretch wrapping machine has added magnetic powder tension control, tension control cloth problem easily
The bag features: This machine can make the bag, non-woven vest bag, nonwoven flat pocket, three-dimensional non-woven bags, non-woven fabric wearing rope bag.
Web dimensions: the width of 1150mm, the maximum roll diameter 600mm
Bag making speed: less than or equal to 40 pieces per minute
Bag width: less than or equal to 14000mm
The total power of the device: 17.6KW
Source: 0.65MPA
Weight: 1400KG
Dimensions: 5400 x 2400 x 1480mm
The first advantage is that the device to different weight paper bag bottom, can satisfy the bottom width of 6cm 40cm of various specifications of paper bag cover production, different paper bag bottom shape comprises 4 bottom cover, the bottom cover, the bottom cover sharp generous, strong sealing performance. And the paper bag sealing machine on the market for almost all fonts glue, not suitable for paper bag bottom wide paper bag production, such a font glue distance was opened, a bag bottom Yitong open, and touch the bottom of the bag is not producing special-shaped.

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