stretch wrapper packaging applications

Electric horizontal stretch wrapper packing machine is intelligent automatic packing machine a, adopting high speed dispensing device packaging containers, packaging plastic bottle, round bottle, irregular shaped bottles, glass bottles of various sizes, round, oval, square bottle bottle cans and paper cans, also suitable for packing box with a baffle plate. The bottle holder (built-in rubber, to prevent injury bottle bottle) (2 per box), into the open the carton, when scratching their heads up, will be discharged and sent to the carton, carton sealing machine, the machine adopts P.L.C and touch screen control. A lack of bottle stopping alarm, no bottle no packing safety device. The invention greatly facilitate the operation, management, reduce production and labor intensity, scale of automated production equipment is essential.
– according to the packing requirements, can automatically wash arrange the products.
– the design is novel, the structure is compact.
– wide application range, can be applied to a variety of product packing.
– especially suitable for being matched with a packaging line, easy to move.
– computer program control, simple operation, stable movement.
– like bottles, boxes bags, barrels series.
Specializing in the production of a full automatic box horizontal stretch wrapper machine, automatic packing machine, automatic folding cover sealing machine, automatic packing machine – automatic palletizing machine – automatic winding machine, automatic conveying system for robot automatic packing machine has wide application range, small occupied area, reliable performance, convenient operation, full automatic packing widely used in all kinds of chemical products, medicine, salt, food and other industries. Although the cabinet body, can be integrated in the compact packaging machinery, but also can meet the requirements of all your arrival in the distance and payload aspects. With the motion control and tracking performance, the robot is very suitable for the application in the flexible packaging system, greatly reduces the packaging cycle time. With extremely high accuracy, coupled with excellent belt tracking performance, whether it is fixed position or movement in the operation, operation, the pick and place precision are first-class. Small size, speed, according to the specialized horizontal stretch wrapper packaging applications optimize. Equipped with a full set of auxiliary equipment (from an integrated air and signal system to catch feeder), supporting the use of packaging machinery integration software, simple, programming is very convenient.

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