Stretch wrapper for plastic pipe and hose

automatic hose coiling machine
automatic hose coiling machine, automatic hose packing line,

Thanks for your video and quotation.

This is okay for us as you know we will same on cartoon.

Pls give us hose stretch wrapper quotation according to below requirements

  1. Weighing online eliminating machine- 1 set
  2. Automatic folding cover carton sealing machine- 1 set
  3. Real-time printing and labeling machine (side surface)- 1 set
  4. Automatic hose and pipe packing machine by film stretch wrapping.

After discussion with end-user, we found it might be more suitable to use JL-2100-W

We need you to this model (JL2100-W) but without the Incoming and out-going conveyors , possible?



Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

Ok。 我们可以按您的要求只配JL2100-W型的全自动转盘式托盘包装机的主机部分,无前后端输送机。 关于设备价格,这两个型号的主机价格一样,都是19,800USD (JL2100-W的转盘直径为标准的1500mm)。



1. 托盘物体包装尺寸:

Load Length(mm) Width(mm) Height(mm) Weight(kg)
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