Stretch wrapper for coil with packing material

coil packing

More information:

The wrinkle on surface is unavoidable when use LLDPE. So there need a special device to get a good one.

Note: enlarge the picture for clearly sense.


Suppose the products is for foreign market with shipping, youd better adopt:

Packing material: LLDPE/PE  + VCI paper/Knit Belt

First Layer LLDPE/PE

Second Layer VCI paper/Knit Belt

Suppose the products for local market. one layer packing is enough:

VCI paper/Knit belt

The roughly cost for packing material for horizontal orbital stretch wrapper with width 90mm:

VCI paper/knit belt: App. $2.47/kg   and 110m/kg

LLDPE/PE film: App. $2.95/kg  and 500m/kg

Full packing with 30% overlap need 40r, according the coils(OD800mm,ID400mm,width(900mm) which need 88m material.

So one packing would cost $1.98 (VCI paper/Knit Belt) $0.53 (LLDPE/PE)

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