Stretch wrapper and strapping machine delivery

Thank you for sending along the container info about the automatic strapping machine and stretch wrapper. These details weights and package quantities are very different from those previously provided on your estimated packing lists.

· Please provide ASAP the packing lists for each container so that I may update the commercial invoices both shipments. Please make sure to identify which container goes with what packing list so I can make sure all listed correctly to avoid any issues.
· Have the container sizes changes as well…these both state 40 HQ which are now high cube instead of general purposes as previously requested.
· Did you take pictures of the strapping machine & stretch wrapper in containers blocked and braced prior to sealing?
· We must ask that these containers do not leave your facility until I have provided the revised commercial invoices and reviewed the other paperwork please. I will be more than happy to contact the broker when we are ready to go.

Automatic strapping machine and stretch wrapper for your packaging goal.


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