stretch wrap machine project contract

Following is stretch wrap machine project for customer in India

Any new statutory taxes or levies introduced by Government or any revision in the existing rates within the contractual period shall be settled based on documentary evidence.
3.7. The Vendor of orbital wrap machine shall at its own expense comply with all applicable permits and licenses from the Statutory Authorities and provide evidence of license(s)/permit(s) granted or any restriction contained therein, if any, to the Purchaser. However, the Vendor shall render all required assistance to the Purchaser wherein the Purchaser is statutorily required as per existing Laws, Rules and Statutory Notifications to pay the fees and/or file applications for the permits/licenses.
3.8. The Vendor undertakes that the Price is inclusive of all costs of transportation, lodging, boarding, visa charges, air/train tickets and other miscellaneous expenses caused by the visits of the Vendor’s machanical Engineers at Site as required for successful execution of the scope of Work. In the event of exceeding the specified number of days due to the reasons not attributable to the Vendor, both Purchaser and Vendor shall mutually discuss and decide about the due course of actions within a reasonable time. Time sheet and reasons for additional days shall be certified by Purchaser’s authorized representative at Site. However, the rate for additional man-days shall be inclusive of all costs of transportation, lodging, boarding, visa charges, air/train tickets and other miscellaneous expenses. The Vendor undertakes that they shall ensure the validity of the Man-days rate till the expiry of extended warranty period as stipulated in this Purchase Agreement.
3.9. Ceiling on Weight variation of Plant & orbital wrap machine Equipment
3.9.1. The Vendor guarantees that the ceiling on net weight of each group of imported Plant & Equipment shall be within a margin of  2%. No extra payment shall be effected for any excess weight.
3.9.2. The Vendor shall clearly indicate in the individual packing list the net weights and gross weights of the Plant & Equipment to ensure the correct weights of individual items.
4. Acceptance of Letter of Intent (LOI)
The Vendor shall give unequivocal acceptance of the LOI within seven (7) days of receipt of the same in written or electronic (e-mail) mode. In case such clear order acceptance is not received from the Vendor within the stipulated period, the Purchase Agreement shall be construed as accepted by the Vendor.
5. Effective Date of Purchase Agreement
The Effective Date of Purchase Agreement for orbital wrap machine shall be the date of Letter of Intent.

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