Stretch wrap machine door and wooden plastic panel

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

A few last questions:

  1. I would like to order 1,000 KG’s of stretch wrap with the machine and have it shipped at the same time. I would like to try this reduced amount as a “sample” order to ensure that both the product and the width work well in our application. I trust this is ok, but please confirm?
  2. Your quotation for the machine still shows only “CE” certification. We have been discussing CUL / CSA etc. Can you please ensure that the machine has the correct approval for use in Canada. 

    door orbital stretch wrapper
    Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper
  3. I understand that the allowable height will be reduced, but what is the maximum width of product that can be put through this machine? For example: Can I position my produce side-ways effectively making it 26” wide x 22” high if I were to choose to without complications?
  4. Assuming my request for #1 is acceptable, I would like to proceed with the machine and film as per your quotation. Please see attached PO and send me a PI with payment instructions.
  5. Can you confirm the stretch film roll size that you would recommend based on a roll width of 250mm?
  6. Is there a possibility of this orbital stretch machine using 300mm wide rolls? Not that it is necessarily required, but 300mm wide rolls are commonly stocked by our local suppliers and if the machine is able to use this width, that would be advantageous if I were to ever run out of your 250mm material. Please comment.
  7. When shipping the machine / stretch film. Can the machine and film be “palletized” in such a way that it can be loaded / unloaded from the container by fork truck? I ask because after reviewing your drawings, it would appear to me that if the machine would be palletised properly that, I could have the container containing the machine and film shipped to a warehouse in Vancouver instead of direct to me. If this would be possible, I would prefer this as it would help to save me a lot of money for inland shipping to my facility.
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