Stretch wrap machine and stretch film

Thank you for your kind email and support very much.

Honestly, we are sorry that we do not produce such stretch hood machine presently. Regarding packing pallets, we mainly manufacture (turntable) pallet Spiral stretch wrapping machine, rotary arm wrapping machine and automatic pallet packing line (Palletizier, pallet dispenser, pallet strapping, stretch film top sheet dispenser, pallet wrapping, conveyors, etc.).

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper

Please feel free to contact us for anything.

Dear Parichai,

Thanks, well received your information. But i have some doubt need to check with your again:
1. Does your tube strapped tidily with PP belt or tape before wrapping, like this:

2. Does all of your tube size is the same “OD — 40cm, ID —7cm, Width — 14cm”? Does it have min & max size range?
3. Does your tube ID is only 7cm? This ID size is very small, if so, the machine should be with special design.
4. How about the min & max weight of tube coil?
5. For the stretch wrap machine produce capacity “About 1000 rolls we wrap a day”, does it mean 12 hours per day?

As your tube coil size is very small, so we need to check more details with you before making the suitable solution for you.

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM

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