stretch hood wrapping machine stops unnecessary damages

We know how to pack papers merchandise.

The industry seeking a charge alternative route of stretch wrapping. Wrapping machine responds to the require as we offer a mix of machine and film created to the specific demands of the business sector – typically making it possible for very fast pay back of the machines.

Stretch wrapping machine modern technology for your personal product packaging.

The appliance industry is characterized by very high output, quite high requirements for regular top quality wrapping and greatest trustworthiness. Stretch wrapping machine designed the clear view packaging principle for equipment packaging from the 1980s. The very clear pack idea has been remarkably effective in reducing packaging costs, work expenses and warranty claims.

Right now, stretch hood technologies have outperformed shrink technology in relation to packaging fees, packaging quality and reliability. The Lacher X1 stretch hooder is actually a superior practical option for equipment packaging. The stretch wrapping machine has a hydraulic stretch system, the most long lasting available on the market. The X1 stretch hooder was created to wrap above 1.6 zillion devices a year without having wear in the stretches device. New features about the X1 for equipment packaging:

Latest features to improve the base accomplish of your devices

Capable of handling movies with extremely high COF

Optimum overall performance with 14 second cycle times

In relation to choosing your stretch hood packaging strategy, there are lots of essential things to consider from safeguarding well-defined edges, protecting gentle corners, steering clear of a lot of pressure around the fill, to receiving the best possible balance at the lowest probable expenses.

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