Stretch hood film for pallet packaging requirement

Whether you are wrapping a pallet

of bare normal water bottles or two loads

of concrete totes, stretch hood

technologies supplies the most comprehensive

advantages when in comparison

to other kinds of pallet unitization

techniques. The Dow Chemical substance

Organization, with its extended, productive

historical past in film, provides a lot more

compared to a single remedy. We use our

broad portfolio of plastics resins

and technologies to deliver formulations

customized to fulfill specific pallet

fill requirements.

The film is fed into a stretch hood machine,

which gathers the film; seals and cuts the very best

side; stretches it past the size of the load

to become wrapped; then draws the hood over the

weight. If the mechanical arms discharge the

film towards the bottom from the pallet, the film snaps

back – conforming towards the model of the burden

and in part wrapping underneath the pallet for

extra stableness.

This productive, totally automatic procedure offers

manufacturers, logistics organizations, and

stores a range of benefits more than other pallet

wrapping techniques – from prospective price

material and savings managing conveniences

to item display options as well as other

value-incorporating advantages.

Logistics administration

and weatherability

Stretch hood film machines can churn out much more

than 100 pallet loads hourly – compared to

approximately 60 plenty each hour for stretch

wrap. Furthermore, a single roll of stretch hood

film is perfect for 800 to 1200 pallets, with a

roll alter each and every 5 to 12 several hours. Through

comparison, one roll of stretch place is

typically good for roughly 150 pallets, with

a roll change every single a few hours. Increased

throughput and fewer downtime equals the

potential for greater efficiency.

An additional crucial benefit from stretch hoods is

five-sided safety, which greatly reduces

the potential risk of injury to items as a result of weather.

With excellent close off power, the best part of

each stretch hood is closed to ensure products

stay dried up and also to offer security towards

super-violet radiation. This provides merchants the

capability to produce much more in-store floor area

by keeping much more goods exterior – even

dampness-delicate products like cement bags.

Because of excellent packag in additione

reliability (that will be discussed in the next

portion), pallets using stretch hood place offer you

improved transport stableness and stackability.

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