stretch film wrapping machines


Most pallets package may be efficiently and effectively protecting unitized by high performance

stretch film wrapping machines. In reality, it is standard equipment for most businesses

worldwide which want to unitize and safeguard their pallet package in stocking and throughout transport.

Some kinds of items, nonetheless, existing special problems?asuch as organic and natural

products, developing materials, along with other heavy or volatile lots.

Natural products including fresh-selected vegetables and fruits have to vent

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM

naturally-occurring gases throughout transportation and storage to preserve freshness

and appearance. This breathability limits weight-loss caused by product

shriveling helping ensure general high quality items from industry to grocery.

To keep up ventilation, organic and natural items are usually stuffed in vented cases or

trays. The challenge comes along with how to unitize complete pallets of organic goods in

a way that keeps sufficient air flow flow and stability through storage space and

carry. Prevents free ai, although full wrapping with stretch film provides stabilityr

flow. Option strategies include implementation of mesh or netting, vented film or

roped pre-stretched film. Each and every offers varying degrees of breathability and load

stability. Only roped stretch film provides the mixed advantages of ideal fill

safety and breathability, while providing significant financial savings and easy


Building supplies, such as bricks and cement obstructs, demand a approach

with significant keeping capability to maintain balance throughout transport, in addition to

one that shields goods from chipping, cracking or busting. Total wrapping

with stretch film provides good protection from cracking and chipping, but requires

substantial amounts of film to secure a load. Alternatives incorporate metallic or

plastic material strapping, wire, and roped, pre-stretched film. Strapping and wire offer

good strength, but have greater potential to cause product damage during shipping.

Automatic stretch film provides the necessary packaging mathod which is durability for loadstability and security. It has good protection from damage, while delivering considerable cost savings and opeartion in simplicity of software.

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