stretch film for pallet packing for USA


We have been talking with the customer for OR project and there are some changes we have to take into account: · The min/max width of the wire coil will be 400/1100mm. · The stretch film material to wrap has to be as following. Firstly the customer wants to introduce paper kraft and secondly stretch film. But sometimes wants to introduce only the stretch film so the wrapping machine must be able to do this. · The rest of the specifications remain the same. In the case you need further information about the project do not hesitate to contact with us.


stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM


Thank you for your prompt reply very much. Since the smallest ID is 165mm, it is great. We will consider the pressure on rollers for leaving no marks on your components when designing.
Attached please find the revised technical data of coils for this Stretch film wrapping machine based on your new information. Once we finish final design of the machine, I will send it to you for your approval.
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