Stretch film for pallet load wrapping

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM

Stretch film Data:

Materials: 100% LLDPE

Fullness: 7-80micron

Duration: under 6050m

Size: 3-210cm

Tensile strength: 20*50mpa

Elongation at break: 210%-500%

Angle tear power: 110-160N/millimeters

Tackiness: 3.1N/cm

Color: black, blue, yellow, green, white and red clear for alternative.



1, the PE stretch film could be imprinted for many kinds of colors, and may be published colors by customer’s ask for.

2, the film could be published numerous sort of styles and client’s emblem

3, it can be covered with PP nonwoven

Item feature

Excellent normal water evidence efficiency

Select actual physical work

Non-harmless, tasteless and toxic to human being

Extremely gentle and silk hands sensing

Outstanding pringting performance


PE stretch film is certainly one specific practical film dependent of PE Resin with surface

Treatment (Extinction). With Specific molding skillfullness, PE film have the specific

Actual performance and also the specific surface area and coming in contact with sense of

smoothly, gently and Soft.


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