Stretch film for pallet load wrapping

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM


We provide you with a diverse stretch film of security options in areas that vary from the customer packaged items marketplace, to medical and private care, to industrial use. Our ability to go over the expectancy of consumers and customers is related to our designers in depth product and film industry information along with the information of stretch film industries and product or service application form obtained by way of our tactical acquisitions.

We produce various deterioration control and prevention film package that include the types of cathodic defense, self-recovery deterioration avoidance and closing, tape-based defense, heat shrinkable technological innovation, and water securing. Seal off For Years Businesses is a significant player and partner across quite a few market place industries and sectors. The quality stretch film allows us to take on a continuous selection of complex and fascinating obstacles in deterioration insulation, waterproofing and prevention.




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