Stretch Film for orbital stretch wrapper machine

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM

Thanks for quick reply,our roll are small stretch film rolls.

More info are following
1. dimension
Tube coil
OD (mm) = 40 cm
ID (mm) = 7 cm
Width/Height (mm) = 14 cm
Weight (kg)
2. what is the packing material do you use in orbital stretch wrapper machine, LLDPE film, HDPE film, PVC film, Knit belt….?
We use LLDPE film for packing.

3. how many pieces do you need to wrap per day (12 hours)? It relates to the orbital wrapper machine wrapping speed design.
About 1000 rolls we wrap a day.

4. which kind of loading way do you use, by hand, hoist, crane…?
We load by hand.


door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper

Order of precedence of the Purchase Agreement Documents
The following documents shall constitute the entire stretch film and orbital stretch wrapper machine technical Documents .The Order of precedence shall be as follows:
a) The Purchase Agreement
b) Purchase Enquiry Specification duly countersigned by the Vendor.
c) Any other documents (signed MOM, correspondence etc.) as relevant and referred to the Purchase Agreement and Purchase Enquiry Specification of stretch film.
In the event of any ambiguity or conflict between the Purchase Agreement Documents listed in Serial. no.(a) to Serial no.(c) above, the order of precedence shall be the order in which the Purchase Agreement Documents are listed above.
7. Conflicts and Discrepancies
If the Vendor shall find any inconsistency, conflict or ambiguity within or between the documents constituting the orbital stretch wrapepr Purchase Agreement, the Vendor shall immediately notify the Purchaser in writing of the same and its proposed amendment to remove or clarify the aforesaid inconsistency, conflict or ambiguity. The Purchaser shall issue an instruction either accepting the Vendor’s proposal or otherwise, as it may consider appropriate, deciding how to interpret the inconsistent or conflicting items and/or clarifying the ambiguity and the Vendor shall comply with such instruction.

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