stretch film Chinese manufacturer

Stretch film Chinese
Stretch film Chinese



1. All colors and sizes accessible from the manufacturer.

2. 100% PE unprocessed materials.

3. With RoHS and REACH certificate, Ice-cubes requirements.

4. Pre-stretch level 150-500Per cent

5. Thicknesses: 17Mic-50Mic

6. Widths: 3cm-180cm

7. Lengths: 100M-7000M

We could do any size you want.


(1) All of our components are completely pure LLDPE. So our quality could be guaranteed.

(2) Conserving handling and cost time

(3) Sophisticated equipment and technology

(4) Great ideals for safeguarding items from dirt, rust and moisture.

(5) Affordable components of unitizing

(6) No harmful to surroundings


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