stretch film and wrapping material for pallet covering

stretch wrap film
stretch wrapping film, LLDPE film

Various stretch films are available from market today for pallet wrapping, bundle strapping, it works for covering diverse packages and and load. There is an important use of stretch films. It is to wrap pallets from top to bottom of stacked bag, box, bottles… In the stretch wrapping processes, a load is wrapped with several layers stretch film. The overlap substantial width and many kinds stretch wrapping techniques for doing film covering per packaging requirement.

The stretch film used for packing requirement is capable of holding the package and by maintaining the wrap film under good tension. It is passed around a wrap pallet.  Not only does the stretch wrap film adhesive to four sides of the load, but also remains under tension by shrink. It is tightly shrink the package against one another by overraping film on load. The shape corn is not good for stretch wrap film. For avoid this problem,the machine or applicator must be adjust the tension control in applying when covering such corners.

There are different color of the stretch films, such as transparent, black, blue. Or the printing logo on the surface.




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