steel tube strapping machine and packing line

steel tube bundling and strapping machine

Sorry for misleading you, we only need a strapping solution. We are in the business of makin heaxon and round stock pipes. We bundle them in a hexon shape and in sizes of:

Max width: 500mm
Max height: 500mm

Max/min top width: 280mm/90mm
Max/min botton width: 280/90mm

Weigth range: 100kg-3800kg
Length range: 1300mm-11700mm

Today we have a steel tube strapping machine who spotweld the strips. Problem is, the stripes need to have a color coating so it doesen´t rust. We all know paint and TIG welding dont match so we´re looking for a solution were you make a punch in the stripes and by that hold them together. So it´s gonna have to be a custom solution as u said. Perhaps you can give me a prize range of these kind of applications, its gonna be hard because you havent seen our application but are we talking about 50.000$ or 200.000$.

One more question, you have all your fabrication and personal located in China? If we were about to buy an application, how do we do with service and stuff like that.


Horizontal stretch wrapper can be connected with strapping line for packaging.




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