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Steel pipe tube bundle machine

Automatic steel tube bundling lines for reducing the labor cost. It is to bundle making shape of Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid. We produce different models of lines based on the length

Steel tube strapping machine

The automatic steel strapping machine Tension Force 15,572 – 19,576 N Control Mode from automatic, semi-automatic to manual. Strapping process for bundle Shape Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid…

Tube packing machine

Automatic steel tube bagging machine is able filling the tube into bag. The packing speed is upto 70m per min. with POF/OPP film. It can be connected with tube feeding system for online tube bag packing.  钢管成型包装线

Attn: Export Sales

I am highly pleased to inform you that I have received the following inquiry from one of my valued customers:

Cat. Part No.
Unit Price

Manual Aluminium Pipe/bar bundling machines


1. Machine should be capable to make bundle in hexagonal crib

2. This system contains conveyor rollers &

aligning system.


1. Supporting forks raise up the pipe/bars row

2. Pipe/bar stacking stopper pushes out

3. Supporting forks drop down the pipe/bar row to its bundle frame.

4. Pipe/bar bundling stopper pushes out and clamps the pipe row tightly.

5. Supporting forks reset.

6. The pipe/bar bundling stopper pushes out to protect the pipe bundle well from loosing.

7. After stacking the bundle, bundling frame with bundle will go down to it bundling position.

Technical Data:

1. Capable to handle pipe/bars of

diameter 20-120mm,

Length: 1000-4000mm

2. Bundle size OD 400-800mm and

Length 1000-4000mm

3. Maximum bundle weight: 2000kg.

I shall be highly obliged if you kindly would let me have your most competitive offer on FOB basis indicating freight separately inclusive of our normal commission. I have extremely close personal relationship with the commercial as well as technical officials of my customer and therefore feel confident of being able to win this business for you. I therefore shall be grateful if you kindly would grant me exclusivity against this inquiry.

Kindly let me have your valued offer along with relevant technical literature at the very earliest. Kindly also indicate the relevant Harmonized Customs Code No. of this item.

As I am keen to learn more about your products, kindly oblige by sending me your latest catalog showing the entire range of products manufactured by you for my detailed study and office record.

Look forward to receiving your early reply.

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