steel pipe stacking system for bundling and packaging

Firstly we thank you very much for your order for our pipe stacking system and you kind trust on us.

After some further discussions within our technical team and some testings, we found there are problems in original quote and proposal:

  1. In the round pipe size you provided, there’re many pipes with small diameter, but for the steel pipe packaging and strapping line machine structure (stacking by supporting forks) in our proposal, the pipe diameter less than 20mm cannot be stacked by this machine.
  2. For the rectangular tubes, since the aspect ratio is small (the height value is close to the width), it’s hard to have a precise stacking for every tube. So manual intervention will be needed during the operation.

automatic steel tube bundling and packing linesteel tube bundling and strapping machine

Considering this situation, we have two solutions for option:

  1. Maintain the original quote and technical proposal, but change the applicable round pipe size from to 20mm~50.8mm. (只改管子规格范围的话,原43万的报价如何变动)
  2. If you insist stacking all the size 12.7mm~50.8mm, we will adopt another stacking method by electromagnetic chunk. And there will be an increase to the original quote, and make the final price at $160000. It’s a mistake having not analysis the parameters carefully at the beginning. We look forward to your kind opinions on this.
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