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My Steel Sheet  Plant  Industrial Park, Phu My Town, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam)No.Commodity SpecificationOriginUnitQuantityUnit price (USD)Price (USD)Notes (if any)1Steel Pine Packing Machine- Packing bundles of Round, Square, Rectangular steel pipes under specified forming Set1 0 * 50×100: 40 units/bundle (5 x 8)  * 40×80: 50 units/bundle (5 x 10) * 30×60: 50 units/bundle (5 x 10)  * 50×50: 49 units/bundle (7 x 7)  * 40×40: 49 units/bundle (7 x 7)  * Ø90 : units/bundle (3 to 5)  * Ø76 : 24 units/bundle (4 to 6)  * Ø60 : 37 units/bundle (4 to 7)  * Ø49 : 80 units/bundle (5 to 10)  * Ø42 : 61 units/bundle (5 to 9)  - Complied with the line speed of 80 – 100m/min (Mill pipe machine) - Pine length: 4m – 9m  - Lifting by hydraulic, pneumatic cylinder - Using a drag chain mechanism to load the tube. - Main motor: Using DC or AC (with inverter) - Power supply: 3 phase 380V, 4 wires, 50Hz 2Contractor fee: Set-up, Erection, Erection Supervision, Commissioning, Test Performance and Training Services; all airfairs, food, accomodation and traffic fee for the Seller’s engineers. Package1 0 Total Value in USD – CIF Cat Lai Port Vietnam Incoterms 20100 Note:- This price is for Automatic steel tube Bundling Machine only, not need of Automatic Strapping.
– This price is including but not limited to the fee of designing, manufacturing, transportation (CIF Cat Lai Port, Vietnam Incoterms 2010), supervision of erection, cold and hot run tests, acceptance test run, trainning and guarantee of such machines.
– This price is including all electrical cables from the Seller supplied electrical panels to the Seller supplied machines.
– Technical specifications and steel tube strapping machine drawings needs to be approved by the Buyer before production.Terms and Condition1Commodity- 100% brand new, un-used2Documents- Please specify your Certificate of Origion (C/O), Certificate of Quality (C/Q):
+ Origin or copy?
+ Issued by whom?3Delivery- CIF Cat Lai Port, Vietnam, Incoterms 2010- Partial shipment: Not Allowed4Date of delivery:- Within 60 – 90days from the contract signing date.5Payment terms- 1st payment: 20% of machine value as deposit by T/T within 15 working days after signing the Contract against Advanced Payment Guarantee for the payment amount, which is unconditional and irrevocable, in the Buyer’s favour, and valid until 15 working days after Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) date;
– 2nd payment: 50% of machine value by L/C at sight against shipping documents;
– 3rd payment: 25% of machine value and 100% of Contractor fee by L/C at sight against FAC and Certificate of Warranty (to be issued by the Seller) for warranty period from the signing date of FAC.
– 4th payment: 5% of machine value by T/T within 30 days after warranty period is expired.6Warranty period months from FAC date.The Seller opens an unconditional and irrevocable Bank Guarantee Bond of 5% of total contract value for warantee time from FAC date in favour of the Buyer.7Validity days from issuing date unless extended.8Others- The Seller provides detailed technical specifications (in both Excel and Pdf format), machine layout drawings (CAD format),… which are attached with your proposal.
– Company profile in English (Overview, Capacity, Contracts of equivalent projects, Financial statement,…) in three consecutive years of 2015, 2014, 2013 are required (please contract us if there is any difficulties).We are looking forward to our cooperation.Sincerely yours,For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper also work for steel tube packing.

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