standard packaging machine is successful

The sets of standard packaging machine is successful innovation of mechanical principle and electric control principle in the field of packaging equipment. When the bottle pushing electric eye found the bottle over and think that it is necessary for continuous production of bottle feeding screw, began operation push the bottle (bottle feeding screw role is not equidistant to the bottle from the initial velocity of new equidistant separated bottle), the core unit bottle into sets of standard system, when the set of label sensor induction to there is a bottle to come over, immediately will transmit the information to the control center through the PLC PLC, and in turn, continuous issued 4 directives: give mark, location, label cutting, dart, dart ends when, a bottle sets of standard process is completed, after entering the labels finishing, shrinkage of single element.
Sets of standard machine as one of high technology content packaging equipment segment, we from the mid 90’s, has started and set Holland, Japan, Britain, Taiwan and other countries and regions labeling machine manufacturers have the cooperation and exchange of technology, and in 2000 in cooperation with the Japanese company PP, assembly production in Shanghai Wordie factory. The excellent performance of high-speed stability, smart design unique, safe mode of man-machine Union, has been fully affirmed the majority of customers in the mainland market, the price of similar models still no out its advantages. ….. application areas: food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, spices, fruit juice, milk, refined oil injection needle, etc..
Sets of standard machine as one of high technology content packaging line equipment section, mainly used in: food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, spices, fruit juice, needle, milk, refined oil fields. Set of standard principle: when the bottle after bottle eye detection on the conveyor belt, driving group servo control will automatically send a label, and brush feeding wheel group will brush a label, the label will be set into the bottle. If the positioning detection eye position is not correct, will not be able to smoothly set into the bottle label.
Sets of standard machine structure and function:
1, a knife disk group:
The eccentric linkage mechanism, driven by a stepping motor, in the absence of a bottle of induction without rotary motion, and increasing the service life and safety, at the same time the cutter which adopts the ordinary paper cutting blade and easy replacement, and the economy.
2, the machine group:
The whole stretch machine is made of stainless steel body, used for supporting the host and fixed conveyor belt.
3, the contracting furnace:
The use of electric heating or steam heat will be set into the bottle labels shrink uniformly attached to the bottle.
4, drive group:
Adopt double drive feeding mechanism, it is the central post fixed indispensable components, both bottle bigger or smaller, simply rotating the handwheel can change the size needed transmission function is completed by a gear set.

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