Spiral wrapping machine and stretch film

Sorry for late reply, my answer as followings
1. Does your tube strapped tidily with PP belt or tape before wrapping machine, like this:
Normally, we don’t use any tools for strapping equipment because we use human for wrapping.

2. Does all of your tube size is the same “OD — 40cm, ID —7cm, Width — 14cm”? Does it have min & max size range?
Yes, we need to start the wrapping machine with this model.

3. Does your tube ID is only 7cm? This ID size is very small, if so, the spiral wrapping machine should be with specoial design.
Now,we use plastic core to keep the ID of roll around 7 cm diameter.

4. How about the min & max weight of tube coil?
1.5-1.6 kgs.

5. For the produce capacity “About 1000 rolls we wrap a day”, does it mean 12 hours per day?
It is the capacity of 24 hr.

Please see the attached picture, it is our stretch film product for your clarification.


door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper
31kg or 40 kg is no problem. What is your minimum weight? Please make sure that the minimum weight is not less than 30kg. Because the structure of this machine is not so good for handling very light products.

Now our electrical engineer of spiral wrapping machine is working on wiring and testing the machine. The machine will be ready at the end of this week. And I am going to send you some machine pictures and a video on this Friday or Saturday.

Regarding the test, we want to confirm one information. What is your minimum/maximum weight of your profile bundle? Is it 31kg?


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