speed of the bagging machine and coil

[solving Fhope-300 back sealing method, tablet automatic packaging machine imitation]

1, must be market system to give enterprises the appropriate guidance and support, packaging machinery industry now, close to the enterprises to solve their own problems is not enough, need to give the market the leading;

2, on the other hand is the need to regulate the corresponding market system, provide motivation and direction to the development of the industry, to ensure the packaging machinery industry to have a healthy and orderly development.

[FhoPe-300 back sealing tablet automatic packaging machine features]

1, the hose packaging machine, full stainless steel exterior, conforms to the requirements of GMP.

2, the computer controller is a patent product of domestic initiative, the selection of CPU chips and advanced, imported power switch. So the function adopts the key operation, digital display.

3, tracking precision, in 50-100 bags per minute speed range, the error is less than 0.5mm.

4, the computer sets the length of the bag, change gear, the pain of adjustment bag length.

5, output the auto alarm function, set the automatic display of packaging speed function.

6, optional wheel code printer, the 1-3 lines code, shelf life.

[FhoPe-300 back sealing automatic tablet coil packaging machine specification]

Ear hanging coffee packaging machine started late in China, so the packaging machine level and abroad compared with a big gap. But in recent years, with the rapid development of ear hanging coffee packaging machine, hanging ears coffee packaging machine from the technology and performance has been replaced by a foreign lugs coffee packing machine in China in China’s packaging industry market. Chinese lug coffee packaging machine has been in continuous innovation, there has been a continuous improvement in the quality of automation and control products on the. Ear hanging coffee packaging machine has now firmly occupied the domestic packaging industry market, go out of the country to foreign sales packaging machine will be a new market.

[development of ear hanging coffee packaging machine]

All kinds of coffee in the unceasing increase, constantly upgrading. At the same time, the coffee packaging has become one of the indispensable in people’s daily life topics, however, hanging ears coffee packaging machine with the times of the continuous development and continuous service for people with. Its appearance by many people a warm welcome. But as people level unceasing enhancement, the previous packaging has been unable to meet the requirement of people now. On the other hand, automation technology is still in our country gradually rise, in order to solve this problem, in order to let the ear hanging coffee packaging function have a piece of its own space in the market, Shanghai people and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd started R & D, on the ear hanging coffee packaging machine for innovation, start from the automation technology. So in order to be able to have their own advantages in the fierce competition of the market, has its own uniqueness.

[lug coffee bagging packaging machine advantages]

Simple operation, automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting all the work; automatic completion of particle type, fluid and semi fluid, powder, tablets, and capsule packaging category.

[usage] ear hanging coffee tube bagging packaging machine

1, granule: particles drugs, sugar, coffee, Guo Zhen, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, seeds of fine particles.

2, the fluid and semi fluid: fruit juice, honey, jam, tomato paste, shampoo, liquid pesticide etc..

3, powder: milk powder, flour, spices, wettable powder and other pesticides.

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