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New small spouted pouches packaging featuring straightforward-to-grip, choke-avoidance caps are now accessible from Mondi North America, Buyer Goods Packaging. The pouches offer safe packaging solutions for companies of children’s meals products and other meals/beverage things.

“Mondi’s spouted pouches with choke-avoidance caps set large standards for basic safety and trustworthiness,” states Markus Hoedebeck, vice president of product development, Mondi Jackson (Mo.). “The pouches supply convenience and reassurance for busy mother and father and allow kids to very easily accessibility and a lot more safely and securely consume meals goods beneath parental supervision.”

The pouches’ large caps are created for simple opening and managing by children. The caps’ dimension also deters swallowing. As a more precaution, the caps have a special form and structure that enables air to move via even if swallowed.

The new pouches are produced of high-barrier laminate materials for optimal solution defense. The pouches go through 100% in-line inspection of the spout sealing region throughout production, supplying high assurance of leak-evidence dependability. They are available in 50-gram to two hundred-gram sizes.

In addition, the pouches are highly efficient in speaking brand identification. They have a large screen region and can be attractively printed in up to ten shades utilizing rotogravure or new high-definition flexographic processes. Matte finishes can be applied to the pouches’ printed areas, incorporating visual depth and creating an appealing distinction with the packaging’s glossier pictures. The pouches can also be customized package in practically unrestricted styles and with different incorporate-on features to fit marketing and advertising needs.

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