side support frames upender restoration needs special tools

[0022] The shape of the side frame structure of the vehicle shown in Figure 4, has a rectangular central portion of the side frame side frame hole, the side frame can be supported on the side frame strut hole 6, the supporting position of the vehicle side frame; Figures 2 and shown in Figure 3, according to the size of the side frame side frame strut 6 adjust the position of the handwheel to make ends handwheel screw extrusion on the flip arm 5 to reach the side frame strut 6 positioning purposes , the workpiece placed on the side frame strut 6, so that the two opposed side frame strut 6 set against the outside of the side frame extrusion through a rectangular area of ? ?the 2 opposite sides, tighten up the securing screw 62, the locking the attach 62 for that extrusion end in the aspect frame versus the inner aspect structure, one side frame positioned on the part framework strut stay away from sliding on 6; start off the generate electric motor 2, the generate motor unit 2 using a pulley and belt strength transmitting 3 is transmitted on the , the energy production of the transmission 3 via a buckle and pulley generate exposure to the worm 41, the power transmission 3 attached to the productivity is small compared to the diameter of the pulley of the worm 41 is linked with the diameter of the pulley, so the transmission energy productivity 3 in the end of the rotational rate transferred towards the worm equipment 41, worm 41 moves capability to the worm wheel 42, the worm items 42 to operate a vehicle rotation of the energy output shaft 43, the strength productivity shaft 43 to operate a vehicle change arm 5 rotates, flip horizontal arm 5 is driven by rotation of the area frame strut 6 , part framework strut 6 motivated area frame rotation, the freedom and flexibility to regulate to have the function of along side it framework; This energy makes it possible for the flick aspect framework 360 ? ?degrees of liberty, to meet the requirements upender fix, boost the quality and efficiency of upender repair to make certain that the work private basic safety, developing sizeable financial advantages.

[0023] The energy model would be to explain the benefit of description and illustration presented, as opposed to exhaustive or to the power model has limitations for the develop disclosed. Several variations and modifications to individuals of everyday talent is evident. Embodiments are chosen and described in order to better illustrate the principles and practice of the utility model application, and the person of ordinary skill in the art to understand the design of the utility model for a particular purpose so that various modifications with various embodiments.

The invention refers to a hydraulic relay upender which can be particularly employed for large-perspective upending of a big-dimensions workpiece, belonging to the specialized field of intelligent upender equipment. The hydraulic relay upender comprises a framework, a entrance turning arm, a front upending hydrocylinder, a back upending hydrocylinder as well as a rear rotating arm, where the lower and upper components around the correct aspect of your structure are correspondingly given a entrance upending hydrocylinder bottom plus a back upending hydrocylinder bottom; the top turning left arm along with the rear rotating left arm are respectively movably hinged on ends of the midline of your body; the proper end of your top upending hydrocylinder is movably easy-to-open in the front upending hydrocylinder foundation, and also the left finish is movably hinged in the budget of the top turning left arm; and the appropriate finish of the back again upending hydrocylinder is movably hinged around the rear upending hydrocylinder basic, along with the remaining finish is movably easy-to-open on the budget of the rear rotating arm. The innovation carries a reasonable, simple and compact structure, is simple and convenient to operate, can upend the workpiece within a sizeable dimensional collection, can upend the workpiece easily without damaging the workpiece, increases the job efficiency of the workers and brings down the work intensity of the staff.

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