side picture frames upender repair requirements

[0001] This application model relates to a upender maintenance tools, specifically concerns a car aspect framework upender restoration helps. BACKGROUND

[0002] the side framework in the automobile having and functioning of the important components in the use of predisposed line, chutes, information structure along with other elements dress in overrun phenomenon, to enhance the consumption of components, side picture frames upender repair needs. We can only manually flip positioning is a waste of manpower, but also a waste of time, because of the lack of professional flip side frame equipment.

[0003] automobiles commonly used areas of the automobile, specially the put on bulkier area structure, to ensure the weighty work load of maintenance, depot maintenance activities with the frustration of aspect frames and other accessories authentic automobile repair methods were actually not suited to the reality from the work technology, process and demand backward, unscientific operating procedures and also other issues excellent.

Completing a job upender point will need to re-flip side frame positioning, proceed to the next point upender repair upender repair, because the side frames larger, weighing up to 375kg or so, Flip need help with other types of workers, potentially increasing the labor intensity of maintenance personnel, affecting efficiency, [0004] Since the side frame upender repair operation points more. Poor stability when placed prone to rollover, there are some job security risks, because the side frame bottom rugged.

Side frame is not required by maintenance personnel freedom of flip positioning, upender repair maintenance personnel sometimes only sideways on the spot repair, increasing the difficulty of the side frame upender repair, but when upender repair prone toporosity and slag, weld surface is uneven and other issues affecting the quality of upender, [0005] Because there is no specialized equipment flip side frame.

Breakdown Of THE Technology

[0006] This application model practical issue to get fixed is to provide a motor vehicle roll-over versatile change aspect frame upender repair machine.

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