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Stretch wrapping machine Packaging’s comprehensive line of semi-automatic stretch wrappers


requires the guesswork from choosing your semi-automatic stretch wrap machines. These semi-automatic pallet wrappers allow you to see extra efficiencies within your extend wrapping lines.

The semi-automatic stretch wrappers from Orion have been classified into a few distinct classes. These incorporate the semi-automatic turntable extend wrappers, semi-automatic rotary tower extend wrappers & Flex Series conveyorized twin station stretch wrappers.


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Constellation Number of orbital stretch wrapping systems are well-suited for wrapping long products that cannot be wrapped on conventional turntable or rotary tower equipment. The Constellation orbital stretch wrapper is available in a wide variety of configurations which includes ring sizes from 15″ to 90″ inches to match many different load sizes.Through the years, fHOPE has been required to apply our state-of-the-art extend packaging technology to unique (custom) applications in which standard stretch wrapping devices weren’t sufficient. As a result, Orion has become known in the industry for being willing and able to provide custom extend wrapping equipment for specialty applications. Some of these custom extend wrapper systems have, in turn, become standard specialty models through customers that have applied them to their unique applications.

Thus, making custom extend wrap packaging accessible to industries that, otherwise, may have continued to depend on other unitizing means for example strapping, corrugated, shrink bundling, etc. With more than 100 years of collective experience with our electrical and mechanical design and style departments alone, fHOPE has the capabilities to develop a custom extend wrap product packaging system for almost all any application.


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