services, packaging resources, and stationery

Because its founding in 1969, Jean Business Co. continues to be recognized like a versatile manufacturer of hand instruments, constructing hardware and a number of goods.

The company’s product collections include air flow resources, bathroom accessories, creating hardware, electric resources, arc welding tools, garden instruments, curler sequence detachers, essential gear, highway prevent services, packaging supplies, and stationery. Each of the merchandise is commonly exported throughout the world to help you the business obtain strong ground from the world-wide market.

Adhering to a number of decades of dedicated producing, the seasoned producer has gained some time-tested track record of product or service selection, product or service quality, efficiency and flexibility, along with recognized as an effective OEM and ODM

Considering that its founding in 1969 in Taiwan’s core Taichung County, Jean Manufacturing Co. continues to be committed to manufacturing and exporting hands hardware, tools and other add-ons.

Hardly any Taiwanese hand tool makers are on par with Jean Manufacturing in reliability, because the business has over four years of expertise in steadily upgrading its good quality, broadening range of products as a adaptable distributor who has effectively defeat the downs and ups of business periods.

To mention that Jean Manufacturing provides a wide array of items is definitely an understatement, for this distributor has atmosphere tools, toilet accessories, developing hardware, electric instruments, electronic welding resources, horticulture equipment, roller sequence detachers, key wedding rings, coil packing tools, hands tools, and stationery, which all are exported throughout the world

to have made the organization a reliable title in international market segments. Also, the corporation welcomes custom requests and specific goods.

This supplier generally provides air flow resources, restroom extras, constructing instruments, electrical resources, horticulture tools, important chains, roadblock establishments, automotive elements, building components, electric home appliances, electrical welding tools, palm tools, packing resources, stationery and so on.

Lately, the company debuted several developing hardware and resources for open public building, stating it has placed solid foundation from the global developing-fabric business due to constant hard work to innovate items.

We create stretch, strap and protective packaging. We produce coil packaging equipment and tools that are utilized to implement the large packaging resources. These stretch packaging products are used to unitize, secure, contain and protect merchandise while in warehousing and shipment. Our company is a leader from the commercial packaging field with a long reputation of consumer-centered enhancements in automation, materials and processes modern technology which have revolutionized the industry.

With virtually seven thousand staff employed in amenities through the entire Asia, Europe and US, we maintain leading jobs within our companies by way of our worldwide range, large product or service profile and extended-standing up global client relationships.

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