Series coil strapping wrapping models

00-CH Sequence circumferential coil packaging solutions are designed for strapping large diameter toned rolled metal coils. Designs are accessible for coils using a horizontal axis that is certainly in-range with conveyor journey as well as for coils which can be perpendicular to conveyor movement.

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By means of-the-vision coil strapping

Via-the-eyesight coil strapping is carried out by our M4020-EH Collection strapping models. These machines feature a retracting strapping head carriage and pivoting strap chutes to provide hassle-free, in-range strapping of sizeable size stainlesss steel coils.

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Stacked products

The M400-12 strapping machine accommodates many different loaded goods, like zinc slabs or aluminum ingots. It provides a fixed chute system to be used with curler conveyor.

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