serface of the cone wrapping machine

hingedly secured to the base platter A as at 1 / 2 of every single page having mixture applied thereto in any suitable manner’before delivcry to the providing table. The .providing desk is hingedly guaranteed at one part as at 19 towards the base dish and also the opposite side is resili ently guaranteed through a spring 20. This area. of your feeding dinner table is extended as at 21 produce a take care of or projection, by

that the desk may be depressed, and theupper finish from the dinner table or that passing beneath neath the wrapping cone is a little concave as at 22, (see Fig. 4.) to frictionally interact with the outside surface of the wrapping cone, that is a document empty experiencing paste applied thereto, as proven at 23, is put around the kitchen table in such a approach that certain advantage thereof gets into the station 15 created inside the wrap ping cone. Rotary-movement will then be transported to the cone by means of the hands crank 16. In this way creating the papers to place itself in regards to the cone. The concave area of the. desk, pointed out at 22, frictionally engages the top of the cone and therefore triggers the document being firmly twisted about the same. The trimming blade or blade 8 all at once engages the exterior irregular edge of the papers blank and proper trimming thereof is this way achieved. Also liquid tight, though it requires approximately two revolutions to complete the operation and’as one-half of the sheet or blank has paste appliedthereto, it is obvious that tainer which is not only decidedly stronger than paper cones. heretofore produced. These outcomes are received inside the. following method:

By referring to Fig. 1, it will probably be viewed that the papers empty when inserted from the route 15 is a bit more than a second time the size of the cover-ping cone, that may be ‘the cone merely reaches the dotted line suggested at 25, the heart brand of the empty simply being pointed out at’26. The papers when twisted is therefore began somewhat away from heart and caiises a lateral retract 27 tobe proven in Figs. 6 and 10. This fold. not only reinforces and strengthens the point of the cone, but it also produces a .water tight joint,

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