Semiauto orbital stretch wrapper and automatic spiral wrapper

Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
Orbital stretch wrapper for wire mash

Wiring and Terminal Blocks of the orbital stretch wrapper Terminal Blocks
(a) Terminal blocks shall be Allen Bradley, Part Number 1492-CA1 or 1492-
HM1 DIN rail mounted type.
(b) Terminal blocks shall be grouped in the panels according to voltage level.
(i.e. 120V AC, +24V D.C., analog, etc). Each group of terminals shall be
clearly identified.

All terminals of orbital stretch wrapper in panels and terminal boxes shall be indelibly marked. Thirty
five percent (35%) spare shall be added to all applications and installed at
one end of the stack.
(d) Terminal blocks marked 120V shall be used to land and distribute 120-
Volt hot, neutral, and ground wires within the wrapper panel. Terminal blocks
marked 24V shall be used to land and distribute +24 Volt and DC common
within the panel.
(e) Terminal blocks are to be labeled the same as the wire numbers
connected to them using Allen Bradley, adhesive, white labels, typed or
computer printed. Each terminal strip shall be identified with white plastic
nameplates with black lettering.

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