secure equipment and packaging

In get to get a protected complete multi-change placement, homing utilised to be necessary each and every time an axis was restarted. In some scenarios, this can need considerable energy in packaging machine, especially for complicated multi-axis techniques. The Remanent Secure Placement (RSP) perform enables SafeROBOTICS SLS, SLP and SLO capabilities to be employed without having homing right after every single electricity-on cycle.

The Securely Constrained Acceleration (SLA) function monitors the acceleration or deceleration of an axis. If the limit becoming monitored is exceeded, the SafeMOTION module goes into an acknowledgeable error point out.

Using the SLA safety perform for coupled axes, for illustration, tends to make it possible to considerably minimize the maximum remaining distance an axis will transfer in the event of an mistake in packaging. The velocity restrict established in the SLS SafeROBOTICS function can hence be configured nearer to the level exactly where there is actual threat.

When commissioning some equipment, it is needed to make equipment-distinct settings for specific parameters, this kind of as the homing offset or the unit technique. End users can now use the packaging machine possibilities purpose to selectively transfer the safety parameters from the practical software to a SafeMOTION module in packaging machine line. These safe equipment choices can be used to update parameters, for instance by way of the HMI software on the operator panel.

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