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However a lot of, if not most, of the items bottled in Lawrenceburg consist of tequila, all of it is delivered to the plant in bulk containers. There it is both bottled as is or is utilised in margarita batch building and mixing for all set-to-drink (RTD) alcoholic beverages. The other group of products produced on web site are non-alcoholic margarita mixes.

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Even though the Lawrenceburg plant had previously been set up to obtain glass bottles in re-shippers from a nearby glass plant, Proximo made a decision to modernize by shifting to bulk container shipment. So bottles arrive on pallets, they’re stuffed/labeled/capped, and then they’re put into 1-way secondary packaging that is erected and loaded on-website. For Line 5, which has turned out to be the workhorse of the plant, the firm contacted Wayne Automation Corp. for the secondary packaging products that would be wanted. The aim was a shut-coupled secondary packaging mobile with the devices in near proximity to every single other in the interest of easy creation stream and producing continuity put together with conservation of ground space. Wayne responded with a WCE-HM Situation Erector linked with a short nine-ft extension of conveyor to a SF-400EB/two Enhanced Partition Inserter, which in switch is adopted by a BCI-120 Carrier Erector/Inserter.

This secondary packaging mobile occupies negligible flooring area. Like the relaxation of the line, it handles 375-mL-, 750-mL-, 1-L, and 1.seventy five-L PET bottles in addition to two hundred-mL one-provide PET bottles in 4-count paperboard carriers.

“Adapting speedily and competently to the demands of the market was a key aim as we assembled the line,” suggests Plant packaging Engineer Brandon Dickerson. “We promote a great deal of straight tequila, but also growing in recognition are the all set-to-consume goods that include tequila currently in a flavored blend or all set-to-mix goods to which people include tequila. These arrive in a assortment of measurements and flavors, and this line can help us meet the growth we see in this product category.”

one.seventy five-L PET in output
On the working day of our check out, in generation on the
were 1.5-L handled PET bottles for Jose Cuervo model Margarita Blend. Even though most of the filling and packaging gear on the line is on the main floor, depalletizing is completed on an upstairs level. An Arrowhead Systems lowerator delivers the PET bottles down to a single-lane conveyor that potential customers via a Macsa iCon laser coder from ID Technological innovation. “We’re standardizing on this iCon laser coder so that if we at any time require to swap 1 out from one more line and move it, we can do so very easily and with minimal interruption in generation,” suggests Dickerson.

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