sandwich panel orbital stretch wrapper and packing machine

Orbital-stretch-wrapper-for-sandwich-panel and wooden timber

More information:

Thank you very much for your mail and offer.

But I would like to be clear following points,

  1. Wrapping material dimensions for orbital stretch wrapper. Please let us know outside diameter and width of the wrapping material on the rotating eye and on the machine body. Please see attached file.
  2. Is there any stamping tape applicator in order to stick tape around the bobbin while wrapping. Please see attached file to see our bobbins.
  3. We have stretch film, PE black film and paper wrapping material. Is your machine suitable to do?
  I have a need for a panel orbital wrapping machines. This is only for packaging and the product is steelwire 4mm Dia. and the coil is 280mm Dia and 50 meter long. It is still loose and not tied to keep the bundle together and want to shrinkwrap the bundle.
Please make contact if you have such a machine.
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