Rim wrapping machine and packing solution

Following your correspondence with my colleague Mrs Lenferna. tentatively i will be at Shanghai (Pudong intl) on the 8th March. Can someone please pick me up to your factory and advice for hotel in the vicinity.

We are very interested in the rim wrapping machine and we were thinking of visiting your factory. Could you please inform us where about you are located from the city centre Shanghai so that we can see if it is not too much of a mission to come all the way there.

Could you also indicate the sizes of the rolls that can be used in the machine for the aerothene and stretch film so that we can start sourcing this out too or do you have a supplier who we can contact.

Looking forward to your reply.
I really appreciate the fact that you have accepted our counter offer for the rim wrapping machine. Today, I will be working on all the paper work to proceed with the purchase order.

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