requirement without the need of the necessity of twisting the wrapping fabric for stretch machine

In Shape 3 is displayed the means for relocating the sealing plates to operative and inoperative placements and for this specific purpose there may be supplied,

so when displayed in Physique 2, and disposed less than neath the desk leading I, a platter attached to the hip and legs 4|, the thighs and legs becoming backed by a crosse bit 4la. Additionally there is a dish 42, the second plate experiencing attached thereto a level of resistance c’oil (not demonstrated) for producing temperature to be imparted towards the dishes 36v and 31 byan power circuit with the cables W. The closing plates 31 and 36′ are backed about the dish 40 and so are kept in slidable placement thereon from the pieces 44 and 43. The plates 40, 4I a and 42. and also the dinner table leading I each and every consist of an’opening O that are in create an account to make it possible for the suckers to be lowered into a basket. This basket is if possible made of several components of time clock springtime pointed out at C and spread out separate as shown.

The layout for sliding the 36 and 3′! laterally to and from connection with this article to get sealed and wrappedis. provided for by the angular biceps and triceps 45 in relationship with the pub 39, previously referenced, as well as to which hands club 39 is linked using a pub 46. The second pub is’ pivoted on the biceps and triceps 45 in the level 41 and each left arm 45 is pivoted to swing over a stationary supplies pivot pin 48 attached to: the bottom i j, of the kitchen table best I.

simply being displayed in interested position in Body 5-.

the securing platter 36′ then, being involving thetwo components of the dish 31. The slipping jointly of those dishes advancements the notches N towards a sucker S along with the earlier warmed platesseal the wrapping material about the sweets and also the stick S-2 thereof. i

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