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Nice to meet you, i am Luis Reyes from Venezuela. I found you in Alibaba because we are looking a machine for this:

We are printing calling cards strips, each calling card is 54mm x 40mm, and 100 cards makes a strip. We have to fold the strip to make it 5 card length. These are the cards:

Imágenes integradas 3

The folded strip (5 cards length) is 270mm x 40mm.

Our printer finishes the cards as a roll like this (not a card toll in the picture)

Imágenes integradas 4

So we have an employee that counts 100 cards, cut it and fold it manually. Then we have to wrap it and place a label with the initial and final card number, like this:

Imágenes integradas 5

So, we are looking for a automatic strapping machine that would be able to take the roll, count 100 cards, cut it, fold it, print the right label and place it on the package. We are making 50.000.000 cards each month.

I hope you could help us with our requirement. You can use whatsapp to contact me at the number:

horizontal stretch wrapper with tapping and logo machine

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