rear upending hydrocylinder plus a back spinning in steel coil rotation

Body 4 is a schematic diagram from the energy version Magnet desk. Body: l. Foundation 2. Hinge axis 21. Hinge assistance, 3. Change table, 31. Change coupling tire 32. Hinge coupling mind, 4. Chain, 41. Switching motor unit 42 generate sprocket, 43 Transition sprocket 44. tensioning sprockets, 5. Magnetic kitchen table, 51. magnet chuck, 52. intermediate shaft 53. stopper, 6 revolving shaft 61 driven gear 62. effort Items, 63. rotary motor, 7. telescopic include. DETAILED Explanation The next illustrations as well as the accompanying sketches, the present power product technological strategies to further specific instructions. Figure l, 2, proven in Body 3, the application style of a multi purpose mechanized feeder molds turn, comprises a base 1, a hinge shaft 2, turning dish 3, the sequence 4, magnet desk 5, the rotary shaft 6, telescopic cover 7, the base 1 built with turning motor 41, a stress sprocket 44, chain 43 transitions, transforming motor 41 is supplied using a push sprocket 42; stated hinge shaft 2 through the three hinge help 21 1 is fixed for the basic; dish 3 with the turning of the converting wheels 31 and also the two connecting hinge coupling brain 32 is easy-to-open towards the hinge shaft 2, and also the hinge shaft 2 with the use of sliding manual sleeve, a converting platter 3 rotating electrical machine 54 the spinning electric powered machine 54 is provided having a pinion products 53; the sequence 4 and also the push sprocket 42, the transition 43 and the tension sprocket 44 a chain engaging the chain 4 finishes have been hinged to the finishes of the initially flip coupling tire 31, and is situated Flick coupling wheel 31 around the arc, switching dish 3 by turning the chain 4 to operate wheel 31 along with the hinge shaft 2, from to 90 ?? flip; said magnet kitchen table 5 is in addition to the rotary shaft 6; mentioned rotary shaft 6 by 1 set of going bearings in converting dish 3, the rotary shaft 6 is provided having a driven equipment 61, the powered products 61 meshed with all the driving a vehicle products 62, the electrical motor 63 powered with a rotary generate products 62, the pushed equipment 61, the rotary shaft 6 and a magnet Dinner table 5 regarding flick plate 3 – 360 degrees rotation from; said telescopic deal with 6 set for the bottom dish andflip and flip, flip more than as soon as the dish 3 – onwards for tension and compression activity; designed with the foundation power manage box, management container built with remote control-management procedure deal with. Displayed in Physique 4, mentioned magnetic table 5 includes a plurality of magnetic chuck 51 as well as the stopper prevent 53, the magnetic chuck 51 by means of several intermediate shaft 52 is combined to one another, magnet chuck 51 referenced patent “spinning primary and frontward polarity long lasting magnet assembly crossbreed device.” When you want to adsorption fixed workpiece, just transform a particular angle to the intermediate shaft 52, the same time taking out the workpiece can also be just change it returning to its authentic position, safe and reliable procedure.

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