PVC PPR pipe packaging line

The automatic packaging system for releasing the man power in pipe counting and bundle making.

It is an system for automatic bundle packaging for PVC conduit, ppr pipe, HDPE pipe…The speed is upto two bundle per min.

It makes one people able to handling tens of thousand pipe.

What you need to do is pouring your pipe into our pipe packaging system.

Fhopepack pipe packing machine quality is a process in non stop researching and evolution. We are aimed at reaching the maximum levels of customer satisfaction and competitiveness. This is why the fhopepack company and our packing line is about to obtain Quality 9001:2008.

Incredible quality in strength, long life and easy operation. Highly efficiency in packaging and well meet your production,handling and packaging needs. Only Fhopepack technology can give you these pvc/ppr pipe packaging machines for improving your package. The most of production lines are with creation of every single part is made perfectly by automation.



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