Providing application design concerns an coil upender

This energy model together with the classic mechanised fingers You-turn mechanism in comparison with its simple construction, sensible design, higher performance, simple to occur to solve the whirl-side upender machine steel aquarium turn around troubles and satisfy the generation requirements of spin advantage upender machine.

Particular embodiments

To help comprehension of the application model, now with guide to Figs 1, 2 For the embodiment of your current power design to further instructions.


The upender contains a body 1, frame 2 rails, U-turn mechanism 17. Structure 2 placed on the frame rail on I; stated guideline rail placed on framework 2 rails and a attach 4; stated rail structure 2 leading attached cooperating with said attach 4, the rotational push motor motor 3; U-transform mechanism 17 mounted on the rail together with explained screw 4 with all the motor unit 3 and screw 4 can be accomplished in collaboration together with the movement across the rail; said U-change system 17 features a owner 6, the engine 7, the suction power reservoir palm 8, the magnet fixing groove base dish 9, the magnet aquarium seat 10, tire sleeve 11 as well as the recess 12; position 6 repaired in the guideline rail fitted with attach 4, and 5 attached to the carriage; engine 7 completely set up on the bracket 6; stated spindle motor 7 via a roller sequence coupling 13 as well as the owner 6 in relationship with the external sleeve 11; stated sleeve 11 has a set of resolved sets of resolved magnet groove chair plate 9; sleeve 11 is set for the sleeve with a set of slot machines along with the magnetic foundation plate 9 is resolved towards the concave mating tire 12; said wheel 12 is provided having a recess having a pair of recesses; mentioned sleeve 11 is repaired sleeve and magnetic groove seat installation dish 9 through the having in shape; said two magnet groove seat mounting dish 9 hooked up through a coupling plate 16 is repaired to one; explained magnetic groove chair installing plate 9 are fixedly mounted with some magnet groove seating 10; the The magnet higher than the sockets 10 is fitted having a movable suction container hand 8; 8 in which the electromagnetic suction power reservoir palm construction, with a magnetic conductive post; explained suction power reservoir end in the palm 8 with 1 end in the guideline line link; explained other end is provided using a manual line wheel 14, as well as a spring information pin 15 is additionally appropriate; next to the rollers 14 along with the concave wheel 12, in addition to their cooperation.

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