Project progress for the aluminum orbital stretch wrapper

Aluminum packing machine and stretch wrapper
Aluminum packing machine and stretch wrapper

Our engineers suggest digging these trenches for wiring as the drawing shows. Because there are lots of wires and air pipes for this aluminum packing line. You also can take the pics I sent you for reference. Without these trenches, these wires and pipes will be on the ground. It is neither safe for operation nor looks nice. It may also affect the installation of the machine.


We are in the process of marking out and commencing works on pits. I have gone over the drawings and noticed that some of these trenches are for wiring. I was wandering if we could avoid doing the trenches for the cabling and install all wiring on top of concrete in cable tray with cover.

This would avoid a lot of work on my side as the site has concrete hard stand already.

automatic steel tube bundle packing line
automatic steel tube bundle packing line and strapping machine

Our production manager suggests you come to inspect the packing line after May Day Holiday. What do you think? We are sorry for the delay.

FYI, we are going to have three-day holiday (30th/4-2nd/5) here in China.

Our electrical engineer has been testing the packing line this week, and he suggests making some mechanical modifications on it to optimize machine’s performance. These modifications and a new testing phase will cost about 10 days. What is more, the master orbital wrapper with sealing station will be ready for testing at the end of next week. If all is ok, I will take a testing video of this orbital stretch wrapper machine around 25th for your reference. When you come after May Day Holiday, you can inspect both machines at the same time.

Please let us know your plan ahead once you finalize your trip.

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