Progress for the copper coil packaging line

coil downender and packing line
coil downender and packing line

Packaging line
 Review of construction drawings :
• The final position of control desk has to be decide later and so consider the length of cables acceptable for left or right position.
• The electrical connection to the turnstile will be done on site
• Jinling has to advice KME what need regarding signal from Turnstile unit.
• Nose position is controlled trough linear encoder

Steel coil strapping machinery
Steel coil strapping machinery

• Jinling ensure the perfect running of the copper coils without produce any wave on the material due the distance (54 mm) between rolls, Jinling has long experience on it.
• Make note about possibility to have deformation during strapping machine , Jinling ensure this operation due the already supplied to together company for 8 mm width and with positive successful.
• Regarding the possibility to insert the keeping mandrel completely inside the height of coils Jinling will design and realize it.
• Jinling will receive a fix stand frame by end of November.
• Jinling will try to provide a sample coils with stretch film to test the line in house
• The weighing stations must have the output signal by RS232

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