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The supply of fully automatic digital die cutting machine products, manufacturers supply at reasonable prices. The company mainly sells Bosideng, top, Shun Qin, the right printing machinery equipment brands, mainly engaged in automatic Postpress equipment.
Automatic digital die cutting machine is the company’s flagship product, characteristics of the printing automatic digital stretch wrapping machine is the use of automated design greatly saves manpower cost, it requires a large number of personnel situation improved the traditional printing workshop each printed line, now only need a small amount of staff, can run a number of printing production line, the liberation of the human resources and reduce the production cost of enterprises. Therefore the scientific printing automatic digital die cutting machine is particularly suitable for large and medium-sized printing plant, can be long-term stability for the enterprises to reduce production costs, improve production efficiency.
Shenyang branch printing packaging printing machinery equipment company’s main products are: imported automatic die cutting and creasing machine, imported automatic hot stamping machine, imported automatic laminating machine, imported automatic paste box machine, imported automatic paste box machine, imported full automatic UV machine, imported automatic laminating machine, import automatic laminating and stretch wrapping machine, imported automatic packaging machine, automatic die-cutting machine, small import imported automatic flat hot stamping machine, have years of experience in this company specializes in sales of the above products, users throughout the country large and medium-sized printing units, won the recognition and trust of customers. The company will continue to strive to meet the needs of customers.
The main performance and structure characteristics:
1? English display control system, stainless steel body, only the parameters are set at the display setting unit (Dai Chang), the control system will automatically optimize and match the actions, thus achieving the best packing speed.
2? Double light source photoelectric detection system is stable and reliable, to ensure complete logo bags.
3? Intelligent temperature control. Automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting all the work; by three side seal double side heating or four sides sealing heat sealing mode (can also be customized back seal).
The scope of application:
Suitable for screws, nuts, fasteners, hardware small parts etc..
The main technical parameters:
Production capacity: 30-70bag/min
Measuring range: 1-8 particle (can be customized multi particle)
The bag size: length (L) of 20-120mm wide (W) 50-85mm
Total power: 1KW
Net weight: 150KG?
The power supply voltage: 380V? 50Hz???? 220V? 50-60Hz
Packing material: paper / polyethylene, polyester / nylon / polyethylene aluminum foil / PE, etc.
Size: 1270 (L) * 945 (W) * 1616 (H) mm

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