product specifications of coil wrapping

ndividual manufacturing requests

Instead of the RFQ system, please contact by e-mail.

Easy operations, trouble-free pouch sizing alter and better running rates are some of the features of this coil wrapping machine, that may manage a wide array of goods such as powders, granules and solids.

The coil wrapping machine can perform working good merchandise from defective types to facilitate transfer of just excellent ones for the up coming processes of automating and accumulating casing.

Roll intelligent film splicing system (choice)



Powders broth, granular items, candy, seasonings and seeds and so forth

coil Packaging types

Abnormal a few-area-close pouch, a number of-side-close off pouch

Running rate

120 pouches/minutes (Optimum)

Pouch measurements

Breadth; 70~140mm

Length; 90~200mm

Filling up process

Synchronized funnel

Stuffing ability

Up to 500g

Machine measurements

Size; 2,265mm

Duration; 4,010mm

Creation on orders, by coil packaging specification

We design and make personalized-manufactured coil wrapping machines according to consumer specs.

Please speak to your product features.

1. Case type

2. Handbag substance

3. Filling item

4. Case sizing

5. filling array

6. packaging capacity (rate)

Depending on the features, we shall choose the optimum machine & options.

For price estimate, we need your specs.

higher-conclusion auto coil packaging machine provided with zipper stand and inserting-up pouch creating capabilities.

This version support remain-up pouch with zip, several-aspect-seal off pouch with zipper and a number of-aspect-seal off pouch.

sure and Simple operations with big-sizing Liquid crystal display Panel (12 in . display)

There is certainly N2 sort that fill inactive gasoline.

There is Design GP-2700C-GR for 4-area-close off pouch with zip.

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