product or service specs of coil wrapping

Packaging Test and Filling Merchandise

Washing process is increased more and more right after the make.

coil wrapping machine inhibits from tampering and contaminating, so bring about continue to keep food items basic safety and hygienic.

Your product or service can be modified to suit your specification correctly and quickly through the big touchscreen as well as other merchandise are available to be signed up as photographs in the merchandise register screen.

GP-WP10 collaborates using the latest print out evaluation gadget which gives the reliability of particular date generating.

Additionally, a wrong doing produce handbag is discharged outdoors being an vacant case(solution).

Together with security, the high efficiency is desirable.

Highest performance is worked out by the simple synchronized funnel (alternative), and so the maximum capacity is 65 pouches/ per minute.

Furthermore, this new coil wrapping machine accommodates 260mm(10 inches) pouch breadth; for that reason, a wide array of packaging can be obtained.

The advancement of operability

through the major touch screen




Iced detergent, powders and foods and so forth

Operating speed


(Rely on filling merchandise)

Bag measurements

Width; 100~260mm

Length; 140~380mm

Stuffing ability

Up to 1,000g(2,000g by alternative)

Machine sizes

Width; 1,750mm

Size; 3,230mm (UST)

Production on purchases, by coil packaging specifications

We style and manufacture custom-manufactured machines according to consumer requirements.

Please speak to your merchandise requirements.

1. Travelling bag variety

2. Bag substance

3. Filling up product or service

4. Bag sizing

5. satisfying collection

6. packaging capacity (pace)

In line with the features, we are going to select the ideal machine & choices.

For cost quote, we need your product requirements.

One rotary non-active gasoline satisfying coil wrapping machine program enables high-speed packaging and high amount fuel flushing.

Handbag placement is adjusted from the case feeder with an all new mechanism.

The machine guarantees stable good quality of item and considerably boosts efficiency.

Operability has been advanced by large touch screen with golf swing arm.

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